The Way Britney Dresses

I'm not much of a Britney Spears fan. I like some of her songs, but I don't really care much for her as a person. Really, I don't care much for the whole pop scene. Anyway, i was watching MTV, and this special came on. It was about people who don't think Britney should dress the way she does, with sexy clothes and all that. The VMA performance got a lot of attention - many people thought that was way over the top. So I'm watching it, and she was watching tapes of all these people who are talking about what they think of her. Some of them admired her guts, and others (of course) thought she dressed too sexy. I have to take the first stand. Here's my comments:

Some people said the way she dresses gives all women a bad rap.....Okay, what I want to know is who says that she does? *I* don't think she does. I am not offended by her clothes. I don't care what the hell she wears. You can't judge one person by another. And I don't think the whole population of males on this earth are going to think, "Well, Britney dresses like a slut, so I guess that makes all women sluts." I don't really think you're going to get the whole world to agree on *anything*.

You're not going to please everyone. Try as you might, not everyone is going to like the same thing. Don't hold out for world popularity. Do what you want, be free, be yourself. If Britney stopped being the way she is, someone else is going to come along and tick you off sooner or later.

If you don't like her, then why are you watching her? For goodness sake, if you see her on MTV, then change the damn channel. Watch something else. And this goes for anything you don't like, not just Britney.

Many people were saying that she's a bad role model for her younger fans. Okay, first of all, if the child has been properly raised from a moral standpoint, then it won't matter if he or she likes Britney. They will know better if they've been taught better. And second of all, who says Britney makes a good role model? If you don't like your child having Britney for a role model, then encourage them to get another one. She is *not* responsible for being their leader in life or anything like that.


It's such a shame we put so much pressure and scrutiny on celebrities.

And yes, I do realize I have contradicted myself slightly in the beginning, but don't we all?

~*~Dated June 2, 2001~*~

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