Poetry 1

This is the first page of poems. As there are many and some are very long, I have put them onto a number of pages. There will be no introduction to the others. Please do NOT take these poems. They are either mine or I have permission to use them. Enjoy!

"Distorted Image"
By: Bad-attitude@antisocial.com

I dig deep into my skin
praying that the feeling inside me will go away
Hoping that somehow it will make me forget that there is a hole in my soul
I push down harder
blood creeps out of the cuts tracing up my inner arm
I am fascinated by the red liquid, now flowing freely from my arm
I wipe the tears that course down my face
And stand with as much grace as i can muster
I stare into the mirror
All I see is a young girl
Tattered and worn
She looks so sad and pathetic and I feel bad for her
She stares just as intently back at me
She remindes me of myself, of course I am much prettier than her
She is dirty and cut, blood stains her white halter top
I break down into sobs as my denial breaks and I realize that the girl is myself
I grab the soap dish off the sink and hurl it at the distorted image of myself
It shatters the glass and I smile slightly, feeling some sense of accomplishment
I grab a piece of glass from the spider web mess
It gleams in the sunset that is pouring in through the bathroom window
I dig the jagged glass into my already bleeding arm
The world begins to fade away
Here come the angels

"Who Am I?"
By: Heyodude@yahoo.com

So alone
I wish I were
Where I want to be

But where is that?
I do not know
Who is the real me?

Is life so good
Or is it poor
Am I in the right place?

When I look
Into the mirror
Do I really see my face?

Am I a star?
Am I the best
At everything I do?

Or am I lost?
A hopeless failure
I know no more than you.

Am I my past?
Am I the present?
Do I know what is to be?

Do I care
Of what I know
Or what's in store for me?

How can I know
Where to find
When I don't know what I seek?

Am I a ship
Out on the great ocean
Or a twig floating in the creek?

Am I a rose
Blazing from the bush
Though petals soft, there is a thorn?

Or am I just
A blade of grass
Trampled and forlorn?

How does one know
How to find oneself
When they don't know who they are?

How can something
So close to you
Possibly be so far?

You may as well ask me
The meaning of life
Or why the sky is blue

For I'm a stranger
To myself
Unknowing of what to do.

If you travel
Down your road
And stumble across my soul

Then, please, friend,
Do me this favor
Direct me where to go.

"The Girl You Never Noticed"
By: Jessica_Summers_2000@yahoo.com

I watched you endlessly from the shadows,
As you walked all over my open heart, is it that mellow?
All I wanted for you was to notice me,
I really wanted you to see.

Yet you didn't.
I don't know.
The girl you never noticed,
As you went about
falling in love with other girls.
It all was the same in the end.
You're all alone.

I'm standing in front of you,
Yet you can't see me.
I blow invisible kisses,
and ran my fingers through your hair.
You hadn't noticed.

Just to be with you,
I'm content for it to be this way.
Maybe it's the way we're meant to be.

I watch you from the shadows,
Tenderly, protectively.
You seem to only think of me as a friend,
But I'm much more than that.

It tears up my heart to see you with another,
And yet...
I wish you well.

The stars shine brightly in the night sky,
that reminds me of the genuine sparkle in your eyes.
I sit and gaze up,
Wishing that you would think about me.

But your thoughts are filled with my best friend.
I'm helping the two of you get together.
It tears me up to do it,
But to mask my emotions,
I must.

Maybe I really love you.
But this love...
this love hurts,
A dagger twisting into my heart
everytime I see you.

The tears I had cried,
You've never seen.
I will hide in the shadows of your life,
And be your guardian angel.

I will protect you from harm,
And you wouldn't know who I am.
You will never know who I am.
The shadows of your life mask my face,
And I shall stay hidden,
This way, forever.

The girl you never noticed is watching out for you...

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