>Her presence unavoidable >A chill is present through the air >Every time she appears >She demands honour >She demands truth >Yet she is no more demanding >Then anyone else >But then again >She isn't just anyone else > >Sparks fly >Everytime a mention of her >Is heard >Some are afraid >Some are curious >Who is this? >Who is this person emitting magic >From every angle >Yet not merely a witch? > >Life liquid curdles >Whenever the sight of her >Passes through the eyes >Her voracious appetite >Quenched only by few >What is she? >What is she capable of >If her thirst is ever lasting >Yet not merely a vampire? > >No, she isn't just one >Or the other >For she is blessed >Her inheritance being >The magic of life >And the power to drink it >She's both and she is also >A child of royalty >A princess...a Magickal Vampire Princess. by zahira@pl.jaring.my Tiara